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    Why SwiftPath? - Because the Future is Ambulatory

    SwiftPath is your ideal partner when managing the episode of care after orthopedic surgery, both for outpatient and enhanced recovery for inpatient. SwiftPath offers protocols that are evidence-based and validated, order sets and an interactive approach to patient engagement - all with results that are proven and published in referenced sources. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a safe, reliable, and successful transition from traditional inpatient to rapid discharge and outpatient surgeries for both the acute and non-acute care settings.

    This whitepaper describes the elements of a comprehensive, integrated, outpatient orthopedic program (OOP) that is built on the principles of planned, same-day discharges. The focus is on patients, facilities, and providers and how patient engagement permeates the entire episode of care.

    “I think one of the challenges facing us today is the disconnected and discontinuous care that our patients are getting. I think the SwiftPath Program really helps us connect all the dots, reduce the patient anxiety, combine that patient engagement with surgical expertise to get the value and the results that we’re all hoping to achieve.” Vinod Dasa, MD - New Orleans, LA